Biologic Dentistry

What is Biologic Dentistry?

Biologic dentistry is an approach that treats the patient as a whole system and emphasizes the impact dental infections and toxins can have on the patient’s overall health. Biologic dentists focus on the use of non-toxic restorative materials, and how oral health can affect the entire body.

Whole-body wellness begins with the mouth

Biologic dentists are aware of the importance of oral health to the overall health of the individual. Research has already shown link between gum disease and diabetes, heart disease, and pregnancy health issues.

However, biologic dentists are specifically focused on the long-term effects dentistry can have on the entire body. While traditional dentistry involves treating symptoms in the teeth and gums and attempting to prevent them from reoccurring, biologic dentistry also includes treating underlying problems that cause symptoms in the mouth, while ensuring that work done on the mouth does not have an adverse effect on overall health.

Julianne Digiorno, DDS, RD

Dr. Julianne Digiorno practices biologic dentistry and is certified through the IAOMT & IABDM, with SMART Certification from the IAOMT (SMART = Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique).


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